Decorative Glazing

Parkview Conservatories and Orangeries can offer a wide range of glazing options for your conservatory or orangery windows and doors allowing you to add that personal touch to your chosen design. All glazing is manufactured to safety and energy efficiency industry standards.

Decorative Georgian Glazing

For individual taste Georgian bars give a traditional look for smaller framed windows often used in older properties which need smaller pane sizes to meet conservation or planning requirements or simply for personal preference.

Georgian bar units and Duplex spacer units give a smaller pane look within a larger unit by placing internal bars into the sealed unit.

Duplex units have internal spacers placed inside and a stick on bar placed on the external panes of the glass.

Georgian bars are available with a variety of external finishes including woodgrain or light oak.

Decorative Bevel Glazing

A new concept of bevelled glass shapes that have a richness and depth to make your house look special!

This glazing is suitable for all types of window with both traditional and contemporary designs in the range. With the added bonus of modern style and state of the art materials to create eye catching effects these will ensure the doors and windows of your conservatory or orangery stay looking great for years to come.


Decorative Leaded Glazing

Our leaded glazing designs are available in standard silver lead, pre-aged, different coloured lead giving you a vast choice of individual effects for you conservatory or orangery.

Decorative Stained Glazing

A new concept of decorative stained glass with striking colours and marbled effects that show a touch of elegance. With modern and traditional styles there is something for everyone.

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