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History records show the Romans built glorified glass houses and buildings similar to orangeries in 14th Century France. The 16th Century word “orangery” came about the wealthy European upper classes collected citrus trees. Orangeries were collections of trees which stayed in the garden until plant pots came about.  It was then orangeries could be brought indoors, into special rooms which could be heated and lit by the sun, cultivating a perfect environment for such trees in cooler climates.

The earliest known English orangery was built in the late 16th Century for a Surrey gentleman whose friends brought him orange seeds from their trips abroad

However, the modern roots of the orangery stem from Holland in the 17th Century and they became popular in Britain when trees from Southern Italy would be imported but unable to survive a British winter and gardeners had to find a way to protect them.

Early orangeries had south-facing windows to make the most of the available sunlight. The roofs were filled with straw for insulation and they had shutters which would be closed at night. The trees grew in pots and could be moved outdoors in summer.

Modern orangeries are, unlike their earlier counterparts, generally attached to the house. The are supported by brick or wood with glazed sides and roof. Orangeries usually have less glass than modern conservatory styles.

Like conservatory styles, orangeries are both traditional and contemporary. With brick pillars they can offer more privacy and can be easily incorporated into the architecture of the house, providing a seamless link between the house and garden.

Parkview Conservatories and Construction use the highest quality uPVC and aluminium products for our roofs, frames, doors and windows.

We can offer a number of design options and a range of styles, materials and colours to chose from you can be sure of a beautifully built orangery and a stunning new room to add an exciting new dimension to your lifestyle.

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