Cornice Orangery

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Cornice Orangery

The sheer delight of a Cornice Orangery is span of the roof which can be much larger than any other orangery type. This allows more light to flood in to the room from above. Pair this with a wall’s length of bi-fold doors and you will feel as if you have the outdoors inside all year round.

Cleverly designed this orangery hides from view the strong aluminium structural posts which fully support the overhead wide-spanning roof. This means the walls can be brick if you prefer a traditional looking orangery but they are not needed for support and so for a more contemporary look, you can opt for full-height modern bi-folding doors window-walling.

Externally, the cornice fascia conceals the roof guttering of the orangery. On the inside, the 600 mm deep soffit is fully insulated for added warmth and comfort with plenty of room for downlighters and/or speakers to be positioned where you need them.

High performance glazing with low E coatings for thermal efficiency and tinted for solar control will efficiently control glare in the summer and conserve heat in the winter, making your living space more comfortable to you can enjoy your orangery every day, whatever the weather.

Step back and look and you will see a beautifully styled orangery with a stunning wide span glazed lantern roof. A light and airy space perfect for entertaining your family and friends all year round. With a wide-spanning roof and the option of  bi-fold doors that can open up fully across the whole width of the room, a Cornice Orangery is designed to maximise daylight and provide panoramic views of your garden.

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