Gable-End Conservatory style

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Gable-End Conservatory

A modern variant of the Georgian style is the gable-end conservatory style. The front of the roof doesn’t slope back to the centre, it is upright, like the end of a house.

Like a Georgian conservatory the gable-end conservatory is a square or rectangular style giving maximum space for interior planning. With the vertical front and windows extending to the apex maximising the light entering the room, gable-end conservatories have a stylish and imposing feel ideal for period homes.

This style of conservatory provides an increased sense of airy inside the gable-end conservatory space. The gable roof can have a stunning impact both inside and out, with the front of the conservatory resembling the rising sun – a sunburst effect.

Without the need for guttering across the front elevation the gable-end style is unsurpassed aesthetically and practically.

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Gable-End Conservatory

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