Combination P, T and L-Shape Conservatory Style

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Combination P, T and L-Shaped Conservatory

The P-shape conservatory is ideal for larger, detached properties, combining a lean-to conservatory style with multi-faceted Victorian or an elegant Edwardian style conservatory,

The P-shape conservatory style offers a versatility like no other because it is designed to extend in different directions creating maximum space yet keeping a sense of proportion in the the property. The rounded part of the P-shape conservatory style can be three or five faceted Victorian, Edwardian or gable-ended design and the straight part can had a hipped or lean-to roof.

The P-shape conservatory is perfect for dividing the floor area into two specific living functions. Some home owners use the longer part of the P-shape style as a dining area, with the rounded part being used as a lounge or sitting room. P-shape conservatories give impressive results with larger properties as they often require larger proportions.

The beauty of the P-shape conservatory style is that it can add much-needed space to the house without swallowing up too much of the garden or requiring much in the way of garden redesign.

Combining a lean-to style with a Georgian-style conservatory creates an L-shape Conservatory style.

A combination of styles featuring a central projection creates a T-shape conservatory style which can be Victorian, Gable or Georgian style. This style also works best on larger properties with plenty of garden space.

With impressive looks inside and out, our P, T or L-shaped conservatories are the ideal way to create large, multi-functional extensions to your home. Two or more standard conservatory roof designs can be combined and configured to suit the space available in your garden.

Your conservatory can feature a lean-to section along the house wall with a projection in any of our conservatory styles: Victorian, Edwardian or Gable-ended. This versatile style of conservatory gives you complete freedom to create a multi-zoned space that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

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